Tezuka Osamu and Mighty Atom at the Tezuka Productions office in Saitama.

[FOCUS] Tezuka Osamu, the original

Tezuka Osamu and Mighty Atom at the Tezuka Productions office in Saitama.   Frederik L. Schodt was one of the very few Westerners to become close friends with the mangaka. Few people outside Japan have known Tezuka Osamu as well as Frederik L. Schodt. Not only did the veteran author and transla[...]

[FOCUS] A visit to Tezuka Productions

Black Jack is one of the most famous manga by Tezuka Osamu.   The company aims to keep the memory of this brilliant artist alive, and to preserve and display his original work. Saitama may not be considered exactly cool by many Japanese, but in the last few years this prefecture just north of T[...]

[FOCUS] Between fiction and reality

Above : Extract from Red-Shirt Troops. Below : Extract from Rubi’s adventure.   We were able to immerse themselves in the make-believe world of the Mighty Atom, as its author knew how to make it seem real. We are used to seeing comic art as escapism – a genre in which improbable superheroes[...]

[FOCUS] There’s only one Atom statue

This character made Tezuka a legend in Japan and throughout the world, so naturally it’s been immortalised. Ask any anime fan if they know Hanno and they’ll tell you it’s the location for the Encouragement of Climb manga and TV series. The story is so popular that in the last few years this sm[...]

[FOCUS] A passion for Tezuka

Hayashi Shinji has been collecting all he can connected to the work of the mangaka for more than 30 years. When visiting Hayashi Shinji’s home, you don’t expect his rather ordinary house to contain so many “treasures”. “My collection has just returned from an exhibition, and I haven’t ye[...]

[FOCUS] Welcome to the Holy Land of Manga

This is the route to follow if you want to retrace the footsteps of Tezuka, and immerse yourself in the history of manga. Ikebukuro – once considered one of Tokyo’s sleaziest districts – has recently become a family-friendly playground attracting shoppers and pleasure-seekers from everywhere. [...]
No57 p4 Japan - africa Connections to build on

No57 [FOCUS] Japan – Africa Connections to build on

Yasuke is the first foreigner to have reached the highest warrior rank in Japan. He was a native of either central or west Africa. DR   Afro-Japanese relations date back to the16th century, but there’s still much room for improvement. During the past few years, Africa has increasingly appeare[...]
No57 p6 ENCOUNTER The most Japanese of Ghanaians

No57 [ENCOUNTER] The most Japanese of Ghanaians

Michael, David and Sanshiro Yano had a tough time before they became well-known.   After living in the archipelago for 28 years, Nanayew Sanul Aning recalls how he became a citizen of his host country. In the trendy neighbourhood of Akasaka, Pop greets me with a bow, extending his meishi (busin[...]
No57 p8 CULTURE Singing for a better life

No57 [CULTURE] Singing for a better life

Michael, David and Sanshiro Yano had a tough time before they became well-known.   The Yano Brothers have known both highs and lows since their arrival in the archipelago. with his slanting eyes and dreadlocks, Michael Yano makes his entrance singing “I’m an African in Japan”, his persona[...]
No57 p10 DISCOVERY a taste of africa in Tokyo

No57 [DISCOVERY] A taste of africa in Tokyo

140 square meters where you can eat, drink and recall Africa to mind in all its diversity.   Calabash is one of those rare places that beats to the African rhythm of life, thanks to its founder Kumazawa Fusahiro. every evening, you’ll find Kumazawa Fusahiro seated behind the counter at Calaba[...]