No62 [FOCUS] Shichimen-san

Mount Fuji as you’ve never seen it before Awe-inspiring experiences typically start in mundane ways, and this was no exception. My friend Nicolas was penning a piece about the mysteries that lay in store for us, at the peak of Mount Shichimen. Our trip started with a bullet-train out of Tokyo,[...]

No62 [FOCUS] A journey of discovery

From the north to the south of the archipelago, we invite you to discover original and authentic places to visit. Thanks to a comprehensive railway network, it’s easy to travel throughout the country, which has encouraged the publication of some wonderful tourist maps.   Once again this year,[...]

No61 [TREND] A bold director

After working under the great Wakamatsu Koji, Shiraishi Kazuya knows exactly how to achieve his goals. SHIRAISHI Kazuya is hopeful that new players like Netflix will prove to be a good influence.   With his wealth of experience in television, Shiraishi Kazuya has succeeded in creating films aim[...]

No61 [AMBITION] Resolved to do it her way

In her films, Ogigami Naoko focuses on demonstrating that Japanese society needs to evolve. OGIGAMI Naoko would like to see Japanese society become more open.   Determined to write her own stories, the director, an admirer of Jim Jarmusch, applied techniques she learned during her long stay in [...]

No61 [SHOWPIECE] In the footsteps of Cassavetes

The work of American director Cassavetes has greatly influenced Hamaguchi Ryusuke, the rising star of Japanese cinema. HAMAGUCHI ryusuke has cast convention aside to create his own unique style, unanimously praised by audiences and critics.   After just a few years and relatively few films, thi[...]

No61 [CONSCIENCE] A universalist approach

A documentary and fiction film-maker, Funahashi Atsushi has numerous ambitious projects. FuNAHASHi Atsushi considers that cinema can help audiences makes their own minds up about the state of the world around them.   Though he has gained international recognition with his documentaries such as [...]

No61 [FOCUS] In search of renewed energy

Film director Aoyama Shinji agreed to give us an exclusive interview about his vision for contemporary Japanese cinema. On the roof of Eigabi gakko (Film School of Tokyo), where the great names of cinema – Kurosawa Kiyoshi, Aoyama Shinji and Kore-Eda Hirokazu – all teach.   It’s been quit[...]

No60 [ANALYSIS] A pivotal year for theatre

An expert on Japanese theatre, William Andrews offers his analysis of how it changed at the end of the 1960s. Poster of The Little Prince (Hoshi no Ojisama) played by Tenjo Sajiki troupe led by Terayama Shuji.   According to some observers and theatre insiders, Kyoto is the most exciting centre[...]

No60 [ENCOUNTER] A new cultural expression

As one of the foremost observers of contemporary culture, Kawamoto Saburo shares his views of turbulent Shinjuku. Kawamoto Saburo at the main entrance of the famous bookshop Kinokuniya.   Kawamoto Saburo is well known in Japan as a film and literary critic and a manga connoisseur, but his very [...]

No60 [MEMORIES] Yokoo, Oshima and the others

A major player on the art scene of the period, Yokoo Tadanori recalls his years in this emblematic district. Yokoo Tadanori in his studio designed by Isozaki Arata, 15 March 2018.   world-renowned graphic designer and painter Yokoo Tadanori is famous for his iconic posters and easily recognizab[...]