No61 [TRADITION] An endangered “AOC” miso

An administrative decision means a product that’s been around for more than 400 years risks disappearing. Hatcho miso is aged for two years in kegs covered with a pile of stones.   Like every region in Japan, which all have their own local miso, Aichi is renowned for its food seasoned with it[...]

No60 [HARUYO’S RECIPE] Dorayaki (Dora cakes)

RECIPE 1 Wash the aduki beans, then boil in a large amount of water. 2 When the water boils, add a bit of cold water to prevent it from boiling too fiercely. Repeat several time. 3 Simmer until the water turns red. 4 Drain the beans and rinse with cold water. 5 Put the beans in a saucepan with water[...]

No60 [HISTORY] Freedom to choose what to eat

Not so very long ago, people with leprosy were cut off from the world and had no choice in what they ate. Film director Kawase Naomi tackles the fate of former sufferers of Hansen’s Disease in Red Bean.   Those who have seen Kawase Naomi’s film Sweet Bean or read the novel Sweet Bean Paste [...]

No59 [HARUYO’S RECIPE] Jingisukan

RECIPE 1 To prepare the sauce: mix together the chopped onion, grated ginger, soy sauce, mirin and honey. 2 In a frying pan, heat the the sesame oil and stir fry the onion, carrot and red pepper. 3 Add the cabbage and bean sprouts. Season with salt and pepper. 4 Put to one side on a plate. 5 In the [...]

[SUCCESS] History on a plate… from mongolia

Jingisukan is part of Hokkaido’s culinary heritage, even if its origins remain a mystery.   Named after the celebrated warrior Genghis khan, this dish based on mutton is one of Hokkaido’s specialities. A visit to Hokkaido ensures you will discover magnificent landscapes as well as being[...]
cooking papa

[SUCCESS] Cooking Papa is a Master chef

Over the past 32 years, Ueyama Tochi’s manga has inspired millions of men to take up cooking. For at least forty years, manga have been offering good advice about everything to do with cookery. Moreover, the “culinary manga” is a genre all of its own, much appreciated by readers of all kinds: [...]
p14 SUCCESS STORY mayo, now and forever

No57 [SUCCESS STORY] Mayo, now and forever

The first mayonnaise ever to be made in Japan dates back to 1925.   The Japanese are crazy about it. Some people eat it with everything, even cakes… If you look inside the fridge of any of your Japanese friends, you’re almost certain to find a flexible transparent tube of mayonnaise nestlin[...]
p15 No57 [HARUYO’S RECIPE] TORI MAYO (Chicken with mayonnaise sauce)

No57 [HARUYO’S RECIPE] TORI MAYO (Chicken with mayonnaise sauce)

METHOD 1 Thinly slice the chicken. 2 Marinate the chicken in the sake, vinegar, salt and pepper for at least 10 minutes. 3 In a bowl, mix together all the ingredients for the sauce. 4 Dry the chicken with kitchen paper, then dust with flour. 5 Heat the oil in a frying pan, then fry the chicken unt[...]


RECIPE 1 Slice the carrot into thin sticks, then blanch with the beans. 2 Flatten the fried bean curd with a rolling pin. 3 Cut off 3 sides of the fried bean curd. 4 Open out 5 slices without tearing. 5 Chop the remaining fried bean curd and mix together with the chicken and additional ingredients f[...]