No46 [Tableware] Chopsticks

It is unknown when exactly chopsticks arrived in japan, but it is clear that by the 8th century, they had beco […][...]
Edo Kiriko

No45 [Craft] Tokyo Teshigoto

Tokyo Teshigoto is a project showcasing sophisticated handworks – “teshigoto” – of top craftsmen in Tokyo. We […][...]
temari sushi, sushi, sozai cooking

No45 [Cooking] Temari sushi

Temari sushi Sushi’s popularity exponentially increased over the last few years. It is now impossible to walk […][...]

No37 [Cooking] Ginger Pork

  Ginger Pork My mother used to cook this dish and I loved it. It is a popular dish served in set-menu lu […][...]

No29 [Eating] Hanami

Hanami April means Hanami, a festival more compelling than a beautiful blossom… The cherry blossoms that sprin […][...]

No25 [Eating] Time to eat!

Time to eat! In Japan, one learns at a very young age that food is a serious matter. Maeda Haruyo takes us bac […][...]

No12 [Eating] Time for tea

Time for tea Intoducing to the UK for the first time nationally one of the original brands of Japanese tea to […][...]

No10 [Cooking] Yaki gyoza

Yaki gyoza (Fried dumplings) Gyoza are a popular type of Asian dumplings that bear somewhat of a resemblance t […][...]

No8 [Cooking] Temari Sushi

Temari Sushi Every year in Japan, on the third of March, people celebrate the Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival), a […][...]

No4 [Cooking] Mabo Tofu

Mabo Tofu The cuisine of many nations can be found on Japan’s dining tables but perhaps the one most com […][...]