[MUST SEE] One yokocho can lead to another

Hamonika Yokocho in Kichijoji is one of the district’s nightlife hotspots. Symbolic of the post-war period, these streets are experiencing a resurgence of interest. Yokocho literally means “side street”, or more exactly “alleys perpendicular to a main street”. The word was originally an ad[...]

No.83 [TRICKS] Recipes for a powerful boost

Eels, like the loach, were on the menu for those who wanted to flex their muscles. To keep healthy, the Japanese have set their sight on the hidden properties of the following foods… Aphrodisiac products are found all over the world. In Japanese, the expression “sei no tsuku” is traditionally [...]
Wagashi-Tokyo-japanese traditional-sweet

[SWEETS] Tokyo delicacies

Eitaro, a member of the Tokyo confectioners’ association, is located in the Asagaya district At the age of 78, Sakamoto Masahide is still passionate about his profession as a confectioner. The first thing one notices about Sakamoto Masahide are his hands. His thick stubby fingers are the resul[...]

No.81 [ADVICE ] Beer brings food to life

The town, which has 26,000 inhabitants, is the leading producer of hops in Japan.   Author of a reference work on the subject, journalist NODA Ikuko discusses the relationship between beer and food.   In 2018, beer journalist NoDA Ikuko used her extensive knowledge of beer and food to publ[...]

No.80 [TREND] Fashion food addiction

The fashion for “sweets from America” reached its height between 2006 and 2011.   Over the past 50 years, the Japanese have become immersed in a sort of feeding frenzy.   Magazines and journals are products of their time; they are the first to pick up on the “spirit of the times” a[...]

No.79 [TERROIR] There’s more to life than rice

The prefecture is well ahead of Hokkaido and Akita in the production of rice nationally.   Niigata prefecture is renowned for producing rice, but it has a great deal more to offer. Koshihikari. The word will definitely mean something to lovers of Japanese cuisine, and rice in particular. It’s[...]

No.78 [TASTE] Veganism Japanese-style

Vegan spaghetti Bolognese as served in Faro restaurant.   Japanese chefs are committed to showcasing what they consider to be a “new cuisine”. The term “vegan” has made only a tentative appearance in Japan, and there are still few restaurants serving vegan food. Some can be found in Tok[...]

No.77 [TASTE] Toshimaya for fancy bread

A sample of the products that Toshimaya offers its customers. This bakery in Kamakura, south of Tokyo, offers many speciality items including a range of distinctive-tasting bread products. The Japanese have always had a some- what unusual talent for finding differ- ent ways of serving bread, which f[...]