No.79 [TERROIR] There’s more to life than rice

The prefecture is well ahead of Hokkaido and Akita in the production of rice nationally.   Niigata prefecture is renowned for producing rice, but it has a great deal more to offer. Koshihikari. The word will definitely mean something to lovers of Japanese cuisine, and rice in particular. It’s[...]

No.78 [TASTE] Veganism Japanese-style

Vegan spaghetti Bolognese as served in Faro restaurant.   Japanese chefs are committed to showcasing what they consider to be a “new cuisine”. The term “vegan” has made only a tentative appearance in Japan, and there are still few restaurants serving vegan food. Some can be found in Tok[...]

No.77 [TASTE] Toshimaya for fancy bread

A sample of the products that Toshimaya offers its customers. This bakery in Kamakura, south of Tokyo, offers many speciality items including a range of distinctive-tasting bread products. The Japanese have always had a some- what unusual talent for finding differ- ent ways of serving bread, which f[...]

No.76 [DISCOVERY] The best way to drink

In her restaurant, IWAKURA Hisae shares her love of Japanese wine with her customers. At the heart of the Asakusa district, La Maison de isshovin offers an introduction to Japanese wine production. We are often hesitant when first introduced to a drink with which we are unfamiliar. With no guidance,[...]

No.75 [TREND] D for discovery and diversity

In D&DEPARTMEnT, a real Aladdin’s cave, you can discover a wealth of regional products from all over Japan./SEKIGUCHI Ryoko for Zoom Japan The aim of this store is to give people an insight into the wide variety of products available from the Japanese provinces. For far too long, just as in F[...]

No.75 [HARUYO’S RECIPE] Ebi to kinoko no ahijo misofumi

Ebi to kinoko no ahijo misofumi (Sauteed prawns and mushrooms with miso) RECIPE 1 – Cut the mushrooms into quarters. 2 – Shell and slice the prawns in half. 3 – Place miso and salt into the saute pan. 4 – Add the crushed garlic followed by the olive oil. 5 – Add the pra[...]

No.74 [TREND] A sweet for every season

In the rainy season, products flavoured with mint, a symbol of freshness, make an appearance. In the mini-markets, one of the most interesting shelves is the sweet shelf with its items that change according to the season.   For first-time visitors to Japan, initiation to the konbini (mini-marke[...]