No.72 [HISTORY] Taika or a journey through time

In his restaurant located in the heart of the capital, chef KAIBARA offers a wonderful culinary experience.   An expert on the cuisine of the Edo period (1603-1868), KAIBArA Hiroshi brings us a taste of the past. At the bend of an alleyway in an anonymous neighbourhood, neither the sombre facad[...]

No.71 [TREND] Kyoto is all about bread

Forever open to new ideas, the former Imperial capital has naturally adopted bread more readily than elsewhere. If your image of Kyoto is of a committed guardian of all that’s traditional, you’ll be astonished to learn that it competes with Kobe for the title of the city that consumes the most b[...]
No.071 harumaki-zoom-japon90

No.71 [HARUYO’S RECIPE] HARUMAKI (Spring rolls)

RECIPE 1 – Boil some water in a saucepan and cook the vermicelli for 3 minutes. Then drain. 2 – Chop the nira into 3-4 cm lengths. 3 – Slice the bamboo shoots and the mushrooms into thin strips 3-4 cm in length. 4 – Slice the pork into thin strips, add the soy sauce and the s[...]


RECIPE For the rice with bamboo shoots: 1 – Rinse the rice three times. Drain then set aside to swell for 30 minutes. 2 – Chop the carrot and the fried tofu into 2 cm long lengths. Finely chop the bamboo shoots. 3 – Place the rice, dashi, water and other ingredients in the bowl of [...]

No.70 [TRADITION] With the best kitchen utensils…

In the vicinity of the former Tsukiji fish market, there’s a shop selling the highest quality kitchen utensils. Hirota Yuki next to her tawashi scrubbing brush made of palm fibres, useful for cleaning vegetables.   She is THE young woman of Tsujiki, the fish trading district, in what’s stil[...]

No69 [EXPERIENCE] Straight to the mouth

A three-star cuisine is available on board the Orange Restaurant in the midst of lovely scenery.   The Orange Restaurant operates along the 117km of the Shin-Yatsushiro-Sendai line to the delight of the passengers. Since the disappearance of dining-cars on most of Europe’s railways, we’ve b[...]

No68 [HARUYO’S RECIPE] Tori no Amazu Teriyaki

RECIPE 1 – Mix all the ingredients for the sauce together. 2 – With a fork, prick the pieces of chicken. 3 – Coat the chicken with flour. 4 – Pour the oil into a frying pan and heat. 5 – Cook the chicken – on the skin side first. 6 – Turn, cover and allow to[...]

No.68 [TREND] The return of red vinegar

The Mizkan Group has recently begun marketing a red vinegar made using traditional methods.   In common use in the past, this ingredient finally disappeared after the war. now, it’s making a strong comeback. Sushi has become a Japanese culinary icon abroad and needs no introduction. It has un[...]

No.67 [TREND] Christmas is a time for cake

Strawberry cake, commonly known as shortcake in the Archipelago, remains the iconic cake of Christmas in Japan. An imported tradition, celebrating on 25 December evolved due to the country’s socio-economic situation. Japan has never been (and still isn’t) a Christian country, but Christmas, [...]