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[SWEETS] Tokyo delicacies

Eitaro, a member of the Tokyo confectioners’ association, is located in the Asagaya district At the age […][...]

History of Daifuku

Daifuku is one of japan’s most popular confectionary varieties, and is enjoyed by people of all ages, th […][...]

Summer with Kuzu Manju

Kuzu Manju are a well-known type of confectionary that are traditionally eaten during the summertime in Japan. […][...]

A taste of hope

Kashiwa mochi is a kind of traditional Japanese sweet that slightly resembles a white clamshell. It is made fr […][...]

No49 [TRADITION] Hanami

In japan, the fall of the cherry blossoms announces the start of spring. many temples, shrines, parks and scho […][...]